Emma, Maxwell, Lorne, DorothyMy name is Lorne (Pudge) Walford. I started in the automotive industry 26 years ago after moving to Cole Harbour in 1976 where we lived and still live today. In 1986 I moved to Surrey BC and went to work for a small VW dealer (VOLKSWAGEN PACIFIC). I was there for a couple of years and then went on to work for CARTER MOTOR CARS in downtown VANCOUVER. After four years in BC I decided it was time to move back home. When I got home I went to work for Miller Tire for a few years and then Scotia Tire for about 8 years.

In 1990 I married my wife Dorothy and we now have two great kids Emma and Maxwell. In 1999 I decided that I knew enough about the tire & automotive business to start my own shop. The rest is history. Pudgey Tire & Automotive was born on NOVEMBER 1 1999.