Of the thousands of parts that make up your car, none are more important than those that make up your braking system. Their proper performance is critical to ensure your and your families, safety.

Understanding the basic principles of how your brake system works will allow you to better understand what needs to be done and make a more informed decision when your brakes need servicing.

There are two basic types of brakes: disc and drums. Most vehicles come with power assisted front disc and rear drum brakes and today, virtually all vehicles are factory equipped with computer controlled anti-lock braking systems (ABS). Computer-controlled ABS brakes are designed to allow you to maintain steering control preventing wheel lock-up during panic braking situations or braking on wet or icy surfaces.

Pudgey Tire is a specialist in providing the very best in brake service. We understand that getting your brakes serviced can be challenging, as to what needs to be done, and what it should cost.

When checking your brakes, we inspect the following braking components:

Disc Brakes:

  • Disc brake rotors and pads
  • Calipers and hardware

Drum Brakes:

  • Brake drums and shoes
  • Wheel cylinders
  • Return springs

Parking Brake:

  • Cables

Hydraulic System:

  • Master cylinder
  • Brake fluid and hoses
  • Power booster